Some days just don’t start well. You deal with it, and life goes on. But when things aren’t exactly pink and fluffy, a bad day can be a bit more to deal with than just…a bad day.

I was ordering coffee and hadn’t eaten yet. A nurse had just taken some blood from me. I didn’t feel dizzy at all, but the waiter asked me something and for a few seconds, my brain froze. I couldn’t manage to think.

Things like that happen, no big deal. I just wish it had happened on a better day. But hey…C’est la vie!


~ by Stéphanie K. on April 16, 2008.

3 Responses to “Frozen”

  1. you speak English so well

  2. ça a été tes tests sanguins?

  3. Merci, ou ça a été. Mon anglais n’est pas si mal, mais il pourrait être meilleur (c’est aussi pour ça que j’écris en anglais).

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