I have to say I wasn’t really hopeful when I arrived in London. Many people had told me how stressful the city was, how difficult it would be to get used to it, how the British had a different sense of humour,…

I expected to have a fine vacation, but to leave knowing life in London wouldn’t be for me. But guess what! I didn’t end up in a room full of londoners making fun of me! Everyone’s been great with me, and I think the city likes me…(Yes, I know, it doesn’t mean it’ll be easy if I move to the UK)

Does that make things more complicated? Do I have to choose? No… Not yet.

This time, I’ll take it easy. This trip has taught me that, if not everything, many things are possible.

But why do I have so much trouble writing in English when I can’t think in French anymore?!


~ by Stéphanie K. on June 4, 2008.

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