I asked on Twitter if people believed in soulmates. Vincent wrote an entire post to answer my question, so I thought it’d be fare for me to do the same.

Do I believe in soulmates? Yes. Why? Because I’ve met a few of them. I think soulmates are people with whom you fit perfectly at a certain time in your life. You know they have something to give you, they’re like keys, and you play the same role for them. Besides, you can feel the connection. It’s a unique and deep feeling. But I don’t think soulmates are only about romance. They can be friends too. And sometimes, they’re your soulmates for a very short time. Not that it’ll all disappear, but the connection might change. And, let’s face it, life’s not always fair.

In French, we say “l’homme/la femme de ma vie”, which means “the man/woman of my life”. Well, I think we live different lives in one life, which you could also call phases. Some of them are shared with a special someone, some are spent alone, some last only one evening, and others many years.

And what about the “he/she’s the one” feeling? I don’t know. There’s magic, but there’s a whole lot of other things too. And our intuition can be wrong.

What do you think?


~ by Stéphanie K. on January 10, 2009.

10 Responses to “Soulmates”

  1. It seems to me that all the new media is giving us more chances to connect and that can only be good. When you “hit it off’ with someone for however short a time it’s such a pleasure.

  2. Funny you mention the new media, I’ve been thinking about those chances to connect, and I’m not sure it’s only good, since you can connect with people, despite real life big issues, distance being one of them…

  3. I believe in soulmates just like you said… “I think soulmates are people with whom you fit perfectly at a certain time in your life”


  4. Yep, I think you probably put it better than I did.

  5. Ambiome: You just met one of yours, didn’t you? 🙂

    Vincent: I didn’t put it better than you did, we have slightly different opinions. 🙂

  6. @Stéphanie I met the one. Really. 🙂

  7. Ambiome: donc, pour toi, il y a une âme soeur, et non plusieurs, si je comprends bien.
    Je suis ravie pour toi! 😀

  8. En fait je me demande si l’âme soeur implique forcément un désir sexuel ? J’ai l’impression que ce n’est pas forcément le cas. Alors que l’homme ou la femme de sa vie, oui, forcément.
    Mais le fait qu’il existe plusieurs âmes soeur ne veut pas dire non plus qu’on les rencontre nécessairement dans une vie…
    Et rencontrer le bon ou la bonne, c’est aussi et surtout le/la rencontrer au bon moment…

    Bon sang c’est compliqué tout ça… mais plus facile à dire en français qu’en anglais, c’est sûr !

  9. Comme ce que j’écris dans mon billet, je ne pense pas que les âmes soeurs impliquent toutes un désir sexuel. La connexion est de l’ordre de l’âme, justement. C’est intéressant cette différence que tu fais entre l’âme soeur et l’homme ou la femme de sa vie.

    Je suis d’accord pour le bon moment, quoiqu’on peut aussi rencontrer des âmes soeurs alors que le moment semble mauvais. Mais est-ce vraiment que le moment est mauvais, ou que ce qu’on a pu vivre était exactement ce qu’on devait vivre avec cette personne, ni plus ni moins? Bon, si le moment semble mauvais, ça veut dire que la personne n’était pas “la bonne”, puisqu’on considère qu’avec la bonne personne, on passe une longue période de temps, voire toute sa vie.

    Oui, c’est compliqué, mais fort intéressant!

  10. I used not to believe in soulmates. “Be nice and happy with everybody, and everybody will smile at you” I used to say, and spent years and years trying to follow this principle.

    But the rest of world (and especially our soulmates) doesn’t care about what we believe, and so, little by little, some people became more and more important in my life. Our lives took us far away from each other, but our friendship was able to resist to all the distance that was between us.

    And everytime we meet, it seems we’ve never been apart from each other.

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