Pas le bonheur

Je viens d’entendre Jacques Chessex, un auteur suisse, dire à la radio: “Il n’y a pas de littérature du bonheur.”

Le bonheur n’est-il donc pas inspirant? N’intéresse-t-il personne?


~ by Stéphanie K. on January 13, 2009.

3 Responses to “Pas le bonheur”

  1. I’m writing in English to avoid spelling mistakes. The people are happy are those we keep as friends because we know we will have fun with them.

    Those that are unhappy are an interesting intellectual trip to see what may be the problem, why it makes us unhappy and how we can improve our mood. In particular I’m thinking of Kadare, Kundera and others.

    They don’t write about happiness but rather situations where the answer is not obvious. Why not sign a document to keep your career. why feel a certain way about specific news.

    Many people say that character is how you behave when things go badly.

  2. voici un exemple de littérature du bonheur:
    Alain de Botton, The Architecture of Happiness:

  3. Oui, ce passage là m’a aussi interpellé et dérangé. Parce que le malheur peut aussi être sacrément bloquant

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