His voice

I’m not crazy about the singer Garou, not anymore. I was as a teenager, and I’m not embarassed, because this crush is what started it all, and by all I mean 8 years in Montreal. Really? Yes, really. I fell in love with Montreal because I wanted to know more about Garou. Cute, isn’t it?

I’ve seen Garou twice. The first time, I could have talked to him, but I still don’t understand why I didn’t. Whouldn’t it be awesome if someone told us: “We are perfect stangers, but thanks to you I had a big dream and I made it come true”? The second time, I had free tickets to one of his shows, so I went. Didn’t really like it. Why am I listening to his music now? No idea. His voice reminds me of the Eastern Townships (where he comes from), of snowy and cold landscapes. Good parties, circus, wild Québec.

I’ve been missing Montreal and Québec in general a lot lately.


~ by Stéphanie K. on February 27, 2009.

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